Fundamentals of Supervision – Certificate

Supervision is the task of overseeing the work of other staff in a business or organisation. The course Introduction to Supervision teaches you about the key skills necessary to become an effective supervisor.

The course begins by introducing you to what supervision is and describes the responsibilities of a supervisor. You will learn about a range of topics associated with supervision and gain knowledge on the five keywords of supervision, the five traits of a great supervisor, and the three supervisor core competencies.

The course allows you to expand your knowledge on what makes a good supervisor by delving into areas that are vital to strengthening the relationship between a supervisor and his/her employees. You will learn about the value of trust among your employees and the importance of understanding that people are motivated by different things. You will learn about the different responsibilities and principles of a supervisor and when delegation is needed in your work.

This course will be of great interest to both existing supervisors wishing to strengthen their skills and become more effective at their job, and employees who are hoping for career progression into the field of supervision.

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